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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tool # 11 Reflections

This was quite and pleasant experience. I personally felt that I was under the gun as I have to stuff a lot of technology in my little head this summer.
1. Enjoyed very much the image generators and mashups.
The organization of collected photos can be very helpful. The sources of where one can get original sources were mind blowing. It is so important to go the direct sources so that students can discover the truth for themselves. Discovery is so powerful. For speech or broadcast I want my students to go to material where they can make personal judgments and not just a source where it has just been assembled for them.
2. I thought Google Doc was great, I was for more comfortable with this tool rather than Wikis . My students will be able to collaborate on projects together
3. I really enjoyed photostory. If I have mics for my students they can create stories and have then replayed as a speaking assignment. It will be helpful for students to use it as a story board for broadcast.
4. The search engines were amazing for the video, what a vast treasure of material. Students can go direct to the sources and analyze for the information and make their own decisions.
5. The IPod applications were so vast. Can’t wait to play with my very own.

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  1. Hey Patty! I'm glad to see you got through this with such great success--I remember the last few days of school had you a little stressed out :) I'm just getting started on my 11 Tools now--I hope mine goes as smoothly as yours! Happy Summer!