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Friday, July 2, 2010

Tool #11 Practicing Good Digital Citizenship

1. Teachers need to show students how to find credible sources and evaluate the sources critically not just go into the first source. Students need to further with their investigations rather than just going on Google . I was so amazed of the sources that are available, it makes it so exciting where students go to original sources and sift through matter and come up with their own assumptions
2. Teachers need to be part of the learning process when it comes to students using digital media. In order for students to generate original ideas and have genuine products they need to go to original sources. Students need to be aware of where material is coming form who is doing the writing, what is their agenda? Students need to hyperlink as well to their source.
3. Technology is a wonderful way for students to work collaboratively. They can interact and publish with one another. Working digitally the students can manage a large body of work where all the parties are involved. As a teacher I can see the whole creative and team process.
4. Students need to be so aware of the constant restraints there needs for all to be held by a ethical standard being on the net. They need to be made aware of netiquette. In speech class, my students are shown what is acceptable in critiquing one another, they have been taught not to cut one down and embarrass others . Working collaboratively with other students on the net needs to make one even more on top of their game because more than just a class can see what one is writing, the words are in print. This needs to reflect in their daily lives as well.

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